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What is Magic Peeling?

  • Magic Peeling pianta ginestraMagic Peeling is made of a cellulose fibre extracted from the plant broom of ginestra, therefore absolutely natural, it is as soft and light as silk and is also of the same consistency. The secret of its effectiveness lies in how it is woven, composed of irregular threads of different degrees of elasticity, this exclusive process consents perfect adherence to the surface of the skin enabling it to eliminate impurities even in the most minute cavities, such as pores.


  • Magic Peeling tessutoMagic Peeling guantoWhen this fibre becomes wet it expands and forms fine lines which consents the glove to delicately eliminate cells without scratching or irritating the skin, in fact, it can safely be used on the face. Fine fibres entwined to consent perfect adherence to the skin during massage.


  • Magic Peeling Glove Tested The outcome of a five-year Italian study, Magic Peeling, which has been patented around the world, has received top ratings from the Pharmacology Institute of the University of Pavia. This institute has certified its effectiveness and complete tolerability for any type of skin, even the finest and most delicate like facial skin.


Magic Peeling is recommended :

  • before using any treatment product (anti-wrinkle cream, moisturizer, nourishing cream, anti-cellulite) because, by unclogging the pores, it allows the active principles in the creams to penetrate more deeply, increasing their effectiveness.
  • for cellulite in particular, the benefits are doubled thanks also to the massaging action, which stimulates microcirculation.
  • before hair removal, because Magic Peeling perfectly prepares the area to be treated, freeing ingrown hairs.
  • to prepare your skin for the sun, because skin that has been cleansed of “old” cells tans better and more evenly – and you’ll keep your tan longer.
  • to keep your skin looking beautiful during the summer: when you start to peel after tanning, a massage with Magic Peeling quickly gets rid of unsightly flaky skin; your skin will immediately look smoother and more radiant, and it will stay in excellent shape so that, day after day, you can get a deep and even tan.
  • after your summer vacation, when your skin feels dry and thickened, Magic Peeling eliminates the remains of your tan, immediately making your skin smooth and supple. But that’s not all! It helps prevent and lighten small dark spots on your face, hands and bust caused by the sun.
  • Magic Peeling is also extraordinarily effective against stretch marks and for skin that has suffered from acne (with the same results as peeling procedures performed using more aggressive traditional methods).
  • If your back, legs and arms have blemishes, pimples or particularly rough skin, MAGIC PEELING will instantly make your skin smooth and soft. If your facial skin looks dull and lifeless, Magic Peeling will restore a healthy, radiant complexion.


Parafaumaceutic Product, made in italy - International Patent EP0995390Magic Peeling - made in Italy

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